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Millbrook Football: 7 v 7 time change for today

The start time for the 7 v 7 at Green Hope High School has been moved by 30 minutes. Trainers monitor weather conditions and there are strict rules in place for heat and humidity, hence the reason for moving the event. (This is also the reason we have so many early morning workouts).

Here is a preliminary schedule:

  • Players ARRIVE at MILLBROOK by 4 pm

  • Players should have shorts, a t-shirt, helmet (provided by Millbrook or own), mouthpiece, cleats, water bottle, MASK

  • Players will ride the team bus to Green Hope. Players MUST wear a MASK on the bus

  • Warmups at Green Hope begin at 5:30 pm

  • Game 1 (5:50-6:20): Athens vs Millbrook

  • Game 2 (6:25-6:55): Northwood vs Millbrook

  • Game 3 (7:00-7:30): Green Hope vs Millbrook

  • Players will ride the bus back to Millbrook and can be picked up there

Coach will inform players this morning at Steel Mill if they will be participating in 7 v 7. Please note that 7 v 7 are for skill players only.

We don't know which field the 7 v 7 will be played on (practice or game). They have not provided any guidance about fans so if you want to attend, it may be a possibility (just not a guarantee). I personally plan on attending.



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