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Millbrook Football: GET READY for Tryouts Next Week


In order to participate in tryouts, ALL players MUST have ALL paperwork COMPLETED on It will say 100% complete when all paperwork is complete and it has been approved by the trainer.

You will receive a comprehensive detailed email on Sunday. Here is a high-level overview of what to expect next week:


Players are required to weigh in before and after practice in August. This is to ensure they do not lose too much water weight.

  • Weigh-ins occur BEFORE the start of practice (and after). So if practice begins at 6 am, all weigh-ins occur BEFORE that time. If you arrive at 6 am, you are late.

  • ALL players should HYDRATE NOW (Water, not soda)

  • Weigh-ins will be in the trailers (behind the school). Players MUST WEAR A MASK during weigh-ins. They will enter the building, get weighed, and walk through the building to the practice field.

  • Players must weigh out of practice.


  • Helmets will be provided to players who have not already gotten one. This will be done MONDAY morning BEFORE TRYOUTS (5:15-5:30 am)

  • Shoulder pads, practice pants, practice jerseys, girdles, mouthpiece: Varsity will get theirs on MONDAY AFTER practice. JV will get their TUESDAY AFTER practice.

  • Players are responsible for bringing their own cleats and sneakers, water bottles, and MASK.

  • Different items will be needed to be brought each day. Sunday's email will break down what is needed each day

Team Fundraiser Begins Wednesday Instead of selling coupon cards this year, we will conduct the same fundraiser we did in the spring. Each player will provide email addresses or phone numbers for adult family, friends, neighbors, etc for an automated fundraiser. The vendor will meet with the coaches and players on WEDNESDAY near the end of practice to set things up. They enter the email addresses and phone numbers in their individual fundraising sites.

  • Players were given a worksheet at practice this week to start planning for the fundraiser. If your player did not get one, they can just bring a list of ~20 email addresses and/or phone numbers for adults (not peers) and not teachers.

Make-Up Concussion Testing - Thursday 8/5 from 9-10 am

Pre-contact concussion testing is REQUIRED for all NEW players, Freshmen, and Juniors (sophomores & seniors had it in the spring). If your player did NOT participate in concussion testing this past week, they will have a make-up session on Thursday, 8/5 from 9-10 am (after tryouts). Players MUST wear a MASK for concussion testing.


CATS Camp is for FRESHMEN. They should attend on FRIDAY. They WILL come to tryouts BEFORE CATS camp. They will be dismissed from tryouts early to get cleaned up and attend CATS camp.

Snacks & Drinks

We ask each family to provide a package of Gatorade/Powerade and a package of individually wrapped snacks. These are used for AWAY games. You can bring them to practice and give them to the Coach.


I will be at Millbrook Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 9-9:30 am to pick up silent auction donations. I will also be there on Saturday from 9:30-10:30 am.

  • Our silent auction is scheduled for Saturday, August 14th.

  • We ask each family to reach out to local businesses to request a donation for the auction. Attached is a donation request letter that can be used when requesting a donation (on letterhead with 501(c)3 info).

  • Please get your donations to me by Saturday, August 7th so we can prepare the appropriate signs, etc for the auction.

I will send an email on Sunday with details about arrival times, what to bring each day, etc. For example, Monday is a Helmet-ONLY practice. Saturday is FULL GEAR. Please read that email very carefully.

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